Programme for 2006

During 2006, the Society and its members were actively engaged in a rich range of events, with themes historical, practical, spiritual and academic.

  • Catholic Learning: Receptive Ecumenism, 14-17 January 2006
    The University of Durham Conference in honour of Cardinal Walter Kasper at Ushaw College. A book with a number of the papers will be published later in 2008. The first part of the report can be downloaded here.
  • Ninth Assembly of the World Council of Churches, 14-24 February 2006
    Porto Alegre, Brazil. Read Martin Conway's report here.
  • Annual General Meeting, 23 May 2006
    Christ Church and Upton Chapel, Lambeth. Read the Minutes here.

    Themes and Speakers

    • Martin Conway, a Report on the Ninth Assembly of the World Council of Churches. Read the report here.

    • Canon Paul Avis, Secretary of the Church of England Council for Christian Unity and Professor Paul Fiddes, Regents Park College, Oxford, on Recent Developments in the official dialogue between Anglicans and Baptists in the UK. Read the Report on this dialogue here.

  • Martyrs of Christian Disunity, 26 May 2006
    A commemoration at Tyburn Convent of Catholic and Reformation martyrs towards a 'new memory', in the spirit of John Paul II's Tertio Millennio Adveniente. With addresses from Prebendary Peter Elvy, vicar of Chelsea Old Church, the Revd Bill Snelson, General Secretary of Churches Together in England, Cathy Corcoran, Chief Executive of the Cardinal Hume Centre, and the Revd Mark Woodruff, Secretary of the Society. A dedicated website has been set up to continue the theme of unity through reconciliation in the martyr and persecution traditions, The Seed of the Church, where details of this and other commemorations can be found. Click here to read Mark Woodruff's paper.

  • August Conference of the Ecumenical Society of the Blessed Virgin Mary to discuss the concluding Report of ARCIC II, Mary, Grace and Hope in Christ. Visit ESBVM's website to see details of their publications and papers.
  • Christian East-West Day at Turvey Abbey, 28th October, The Church, Evolving or Devolving - What can we learn from the early Church for the furure of the Church today?